• 1.5mm Polyester yarn on sale in bundles of 4pcs ~ Free Shipping $50.00

    POLYESTER CRAFTERNEEDS ~ 100% Polyester 3 ply

    Quantity : 1

    Gauge :

    • Hook 4/0 (2.5mm) – 5/0 (3.0mm)
    • Needle : 4 mm – 4.5 mm

    Thickness : 1,2mm – 1.5 mm

    Weight : 100g

    Length : Approx 150 meters – 164 yds

    1 bundle you will get :

    • 4 pcs Polyester yarn 1.5mm
    • Free 2 zippers

    Ships from Indonesia

    Cost to ship : FREE SHIPPING 

    * Does not include Tax fees (if any) applicable in your country.

    Notes :

    1. The yarn color may be slightly different from the new yarn catalog and this color may be no longer produced. You can see the new production of 1.5mm Polyester on another page in this shop.
    2. Yarn thickness may vary slightly for each color, but is still close to 1.5mm
    3. You cannot order the same color as in the bundle at a later date. So we sell bundles of 4 pieces to be able to customize your project.
    4. There are only a few bundles on sale. So make sure you grab it fast!


    Thank you, happy shopping!

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