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Hello Crafters! welcome to the Crafterneeds shop,

Crafterneeds is a small online shop that focuses on selling yarn for crocheting, knitting, and craft supplies. In the future, we also want to equip this shop with our local handmade products.

We have a wide selection of yarn, hooks, crafts hardware, and accessories for your handmade projects, made locally and from around the world. We are happy to deliver whatever you need wherever you are.

Our main goal and focus is to support crocheters and knitters to be more confident in their products by using quality yarn and equipment according to the purpose of their products. Currently we provide 2 types of polyester yarn with different sizes and appearances. We hope to be able to complement it with other types of our local yarns in the future. Time to introduce it to you!


1). Crafterneeds Polyester yarn 1.5 mm

What is polyester yarn? We call it polyester yarn because this yarn is made from 100% polyester or synthetic thread (not cotton).

You can use a hook 4/0 (2.5mm) or 5/0 (3mm). This yarn has 3ply, very strong, soft, slightly shiny, perfect for making various kinds of crochet and knitting products, DIY products such as;

  • Crochet and knitting bags, purses, crochet shoes;
  • Crochet accessories, home decorations, crochet flower, etc.

You can crochet with detailed patterns, which are more beautiful, sturdy and more unique, of course. But remember, this polyester yarn is not heat resistant, do not iron products made from this polyester yarn.

Perfect for make a crochet flower, home decorations, acceessories, etc.

Polyester yarn for make a coin purse, key chain, brooch, etc.

Crochet bag from Polyester 1.5mm. More beautiful and sturdy with detailed motifs.

Sometimes this polyester yarn you get can have different fibers (type A or B), all depending on the polyester raw material available and accepted by the factory. However, the appearance, size and characteristics are all the same. And there is a slight difference in dye color in each lot, so make sure you buy enough yarn for your project.

Type of Polyester yarns (Type A & B)



2). Small Polyester 1.2mm

Poly Small is a small type of polyester yarn (small ply). This thread has a size between 1mm-1.2mm. You can use a 3/0 (2.25mm) or 4/0 (2.5mm) hook.

This yarn has a light texture, soft fibers but strong type, with a matte color appearance (not shiny). Poly Small has fibers, twists and color dyes that tend to be stable.

This Poly Small is perfect for your crochet and knitting projects, such as;

  • Crochet and knitting bags, tote bag, purse, and other DIY projects;
  • Amigurumi, home decorations, crochet tassel, accessories, etc.

POLY SMALL is a polyester yarn small ply. Perfect for crochet and knitting projects with detailed patterns,


Small polyester fibers are very fine and soft. Perfect for human Amigurumi with hair or detailed amigurumi, crochet flowers, crochet accessories, home decorations, etc.


It’s fun to make crochet projects from these small polyester yarns.


Crochet tote bags made from small polyester ~ Poly Small 1.2mm


Need ideas for your crochet project?

We want to inspire you for crochet projects using this polyester yarn. You can get crochet project ideas by watching videos on Febe Andrian’s Youtube channel. There are lots of free step by step tutorials how to make crochet bags with polyester yarn.


Get a special discount of 10-30% for purchasing yarn

We provide 10-30% discount coupon based on your minimum shopping amount. You can find the information on the product description page.

Or if you want to purchase more than our terms, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you,

Happy crafting and have a nice day!


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