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Hi, there!

I’m Febe Andrian, your author here at Crafterneeds, a small crafter and content creator lives in Semarang, a small town in Central Java, Indonesia.

Craft is my hobby and passion since childhood. And started intensely making small knitwear in 1999 and started selling them in small quantities just for hobby and fun.

And since then, I’ve grown to love crochet and knitting more and more. I started making crochet bags, crochet purses, brooches, knitting baby clothes, etc. and take orders for friends, neighbors and other customers. And there’s a lots of fun.

Then in 2017 I was interested in sharing my activities in making crochet such as bags, wallets, etc. on my Youtube channel. And all the patterns that I share are free, just to inspire people who have the same hobby about crochet. You can find me on my Youtube channel for free crochet patterns on Febe Andrian Youtube channel.

As more and more questions were asked about the yarns and complementary accessories I used in my videos, I started setting up and running this little shop. So that all of you can also make creativity and craft works like mine.

This shop sells crochet yarns, like Polyester yarns, crochet and knitting tools, craft supplies, including craft accessories, craft hardware, etc. And will continue to develop for handmade products. I will also continue to do better services for your better shopping experience.

I hope my little shop can help you create the crafts of your dreams. Feel free to ask if you have any questions about the items in this shop or about your order.

Kind regards,

Febe Andrian, Crafterneeds

Graha Tamansari, Central Java, Indonesia.

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